Training Information


Booking for JULY 2021 and following months – limited space – reasonable rates.

Putting a great foundation on young horses is what I love to do, but I have an assortment of experience and involvement in various disciplines.  Let me know your goals for you and your horse, and we can create a plan!

My program provides each horse with an individualized program and schedule. I want your horse to leave the training program mentally and physically sound, and have a good foundation of knowledge.  My training program is designed to create a soft, safe, and confident partner.  I work with pressure and release, and reassure the horse trying. By making the wrong thing hard and the right thing easy, your horse will be able to express themselves and tell me what they understand and when they are ready for the next step. I build a solid foundation without the use of force or enticement. If your horse is showing misunderstandings, or dangerous behavior I stay on the ground until the horse is accepting of what is being asked. There’s no point in pushing the horse for fast results, or getting into a potential wreck. I give the horse time to think and respond to what is being asked of them; then my job as the trainer is to either properly correct or reward them.

For horses needing to be started under saddle. Your horse will be worked with from the ground up. I do plenty of roundpen lessons, sacking out, ground driving, ponying out, and of course riding when your horse is ready. Your horse will learn how to pack a saddle and bridle, lunge correctly, give willingly to the bit, respect space, respond to voice commands, move away from pressure and much more. I highly recommend a 2-3 month start so I can ensure your horse has a solid understanding, is soft throughout their body, and be comfortable and confident with a rider. All breeds welcome. A horse with a solid foundation can head in any direction.

Horses that can walk/trot/lope under saddle, and know the basics, but are in need of more training.  I build off what the horse already knows, keeping the foundation solid, and educating the horse through the process. I want to bring out the greatness and talent in every horse. I work off the seat and legs, and help to develop a supple, responsive and willing horse.  All the fundamentals are worked on including but not limited to lead departures and changes, spins/turnarounds ect.  Whether you just want a broke and safe horse, or you want to show in reining, open shows, ect – I can help you get there.  You will need to ride and demonstrate what the horse can do, and I will take it from there.

For the older horse that is broke to ride and has no issues. Just simply needs some riding time to get back into shape. This program will get your horse fit and in work mode.  I really take into account your horses body condition, cardio, strength and flexibility and tailor a program that suits their needs.  There is more to this program than just getting on your horse and getting them sweaty.  You will need to ride and demonstrate what the horse can do or have video proof of the horses training level, and then I will take it from there.

For weanlings, long yearlings and 2 year olds that need to be gentled and halter broke. I work with these kindergartners calmly and consistently so they become friendly, quiet, and respectful. When they have the proper handling from a young age, they are that much easier to start later. They will learn all the basics such as catching, leading, tying, picking up their feet, trailer loading, ect. I also start desensitizing them to tarps, ropes, plastic bags ect.  I also spend some time ponying them along side another horse.

These monthly rates include 5 days a week training, outdoor board, and GST.  50% of the training fee due at drop off, and remainder of fees due at pick up. Horses that have not been trimmed or are in need of other important maintenance such as teeth floating, worming ect (with the exception of the YHH program), will not be accepted.  Owners are welcomed and encouraged to come and watch training sessions.  Owner will be given 1-2 lessons towards the end of the training term.

If you are interested in sending your horse, please fill out a Training Application. Please call or email with any specific questions about training. You are welcome to come and see the horses I currently have in training.