Riding Lesson Program

The lesson program at MH Equine focuses on creating well rounded students that are confident in there horsemanship both on the ground and in the saddle. We offer private and group lesson. We welcome any skill level, and accept students aged 7 and up. We want you to learn how to be a leader for your horse through clear communication so you can succeed in any discipline.

When you are starting out with riding lessons, you will learn about riding position, rein and leg cues/aids, and how to ride at different speeds/gaits.  We practice different exercises to help you be a balanced, centered, and relaxed rider that is able to work with the rhythm of your horse.  We focus a lot on biomechanics and ‘feel’ so that you and your horse can work in a partnership, rather than against each other.  There are many drills and exercises to share, and we have an encouraging atmosphere to learn in.  Riding is just one part of the lesson – we want you to learn about safety around horses, proper grooming and tacking, basic health care, stable management, psychology of the horse, and other skills to help you become horse savvy.

What are your specific riding goals?  We can help you with a variety of things.

  • Beginner riding lessons
  • Improving your performance horse
  • Bring along and train a young/green horse
  • Show ring preparation
  • Learn to work the mechanical flag
  • Basic rope handling skills and learn to rope the dummy/heelomatic.

2021 Rates:
Private 1 hour Lesson – $40/lesson
Group 1.5 hour Lessons – $40/lesson

*We have limited spots available.
All our lesson horses are fully booked, but we are taking names on a waiting list.
We have a few time spots available for students hauling in their own horse.