What my clients are saying…

I sent my 3yr old to Miranda for 2 months of training. Words can’t express how happy I was with how she managed to do such a great job on him within just those 60 days. She kept me updated constantly of how he was progressing and uploaded pictures for me to see. I constantly get compliments of how great his training is and highly recommend MH Equine to everyone! For what she does, her prices are well worth it and very reasonable! I am one very happy client!
Jessica Beane

I met Miranda through a friend initially and she came and gave us individual lessons. I had no idea what luck it was to have had met her. I remembered her from her professionalism during our lessons and how she related to my horses. So I took a chance when I bought a young green mare and asked if I could send her for training with her. I had been tossed off her and had been feeling unsure and had lost confidence. I needed someone who I could trust to assess her. With that in mind I inquired and was able to book her in. I trailered her to MH Equine for her 30 days of training for the month of March 2016. I was impressed with her ranch style set up and organization which was evident .. even with the tack! In the month my mare was with her I received updates regularly, she was ridden indoors and outdoors, been trailered, consistently rotated with new horse buddies, assessed for her knowledge level and strengthened in all areas. Additionally I received three lessons on Lucky and a saddle fitting! I noticed a change in Lucky immediately her eyes were bright and she was eager to show me all her new skills! I cannot find the right words to stress how wonderful a trainer Miranda is. She is a young professional who has a special talent with horses. Her prices are very reasonable and I’m looking forward to my next lesson. Miranda was able to encourage confidence in both my mare and I. Overall if you want to learn about horses at any skill level I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone at any age. Thanks Miranda: I underestimated her exposure with you she will pretty much do anything I ask her if I give her time to process the question and praise her when she figures it out. I have continued the work and it is paying off with every mile I put on her !
Angela Perigo

Amazed with what she can do, even in one week not just a trainer but a person who cares personally about your horses. Affordable rates and quality training.
Janessa Turcotte

Awesome Riding instructor and beautiful person. So happy we have the pleasure to have you as instructor for Brianna and hopefully our other kids too!
Crystal McLean

Upon sending my 2 year old filly to be started by Miranda of MH Equine I was NOT expecting her to come back how she did. When I dropped her off she was a nervous, sometimes flightly mare who lacked greatly in confidence. However, thanks to Miranda’s gentle but effective training methods my filly was able to progress quickly, gain confidence, excel under saddle, and be comfortable (mentally and physically) while doing so. I’ll continue to recommend Miranda to anyone looking to have a horse started or finished and anything in between!
Krista Critch

My training sessions with Miranda have always left me smiling, full of confidence, a sense of accomplishment, excitement for what’s next, and sometimes a few tears (joyful ones)! She explains and teaches without judgement, and always full of encouragement. Whenever I have questions, she promptly responds with detailed answers. She truly loves her work, and helping people with their horses, so they can connect and accomplish their goals.
Leshelle Spurrel

I have been taking lessons with Miranda for 3 months (Summer of 2013). I was feeling nervous about riding my freshly trained 3 year old. Miranda has been patience and motivating, and has refined my riding and confidence. I came to lessons feeling excited, and left feeling like I accomplished great things! Great rates, atmosphere, and results. I would recommend Miranda for training and lessons. It is never too late to try something new or ditch old habits!
Chrissy Buchanan

Miranda has recently (Feb&March2013) put some training on 2 of our horses.  She is a remarkable young woman. The horses that she worked on are my daughters horses.  Her training was exceptional, and I loved that she worked with the rider and the horse to help them work better as a team. Our family will be using her training again in the future.
Tamara Bird

Our daughter, Charlotte (5 yrs) took her first riding lessons this year from Miranda and she had a wonderful experience. Miranda taught her the fundamentals of horse riding, from grooming to barrel patterns. With Miranda’s coaching Charlotte grew more confident with each lesson and is now very comfortable around and on a horse. Miranda is patient, extremely knowledgeable and also accommodating for lesson times. Our family thoroughly enjoyed our lessons and will definitely continue lessons with Miranda.
Stacey Sandmeyer

I have been dealing with Miranda since the fall of 2011. I have sent her one of my colts to get started, and one of my older horses that needed some “finishing”. Both times I was very impressed with her results! I am a true believer in training horses in a non forceful or violent way. Miranda is very patient and has a way of getting a horse to advance through her training program in a calm and quiet manner. Thus enriching the experience for both horse and human, which I believe makes for a more trusting and willing mount in the long run.
Agnes Baker

Miranda is an amazing instructor and I have learned so much from her over the past year. She is very honest and supportive and teaches you not just how to ride , but how to solve your own problems with your horse, and is always more than happy to offer advice! She is fantastic!
Christina Rytter

“Miranda has been riding a 5 yr old TBxPaint mare for me that I bought in January 2011. She had been lightly started and my intention was to continue her training this spring. I found out I was pregnant in May and that derailed my training plans. I asked Miranda in August if she would restart this mare and put some rides on her for me. Being a horse trainer myself, I find it hard to “hand over the reins” to someone else, however, I have been very impressed with the work that Miranda is doing with my mare. She has a quiet confidence with the horses and they respond positively to her. She has good feel and uses pressure and release to build confidence while teaching the horse new things. Miranda is constantly seeking to improve and grow as a trainer. She is well on her way to becoming a very well respected trainer and I highly recommend her.”
Jules Sloan

My 9 Year old Daughter recently had lessons with Miranda. She helped her from the ground up. Miranda is incredible. Not only is she awesome with Ashlynn, but she helps out with our temperamental ponies. She is always willing to share her knowledge about horses and riding. Miranda goes out of her way to help fit in lessons. My daughter adores Miranda, and she loves all the information Miranda shares with her about horses. Miranda is excellent, I highly recommend her to anyone who needs lessons from beginners to experienced riders.
Charlene T

“Miranda provides a safe environment for your horse as well as the needed daily care. We have had good results with all the horses we have sent. She is honest, professional, and does her work in a reasonable amount of time. Miranda is calm, smooth, and assertive with a horse, but at the same time firm on what she expects from them. Your horse will always be in good care while in her custody. It is great training at affordable prices! We are satisfied with the work she accomplishes for us & we will keep using her in the future.”
Isabelle Lessard

Miranda at MH Equine has helped me regain my confidence after I fell off a horse in October of 2011. She’s very patient when she’s teaching me new techniques, and took the time to make sure I was comfortable getting back on a horse.
Anna-Marie Rytter

“The spring of 2011 I used Miranda to give two of my geldings a refresher course and to get them back in shape. She did a wonderful job, and kept me up to date of how they were doing. I highly recommend her! Thanks Miranda!”
Barry Kubinchak

Would like to thank Miranda for all the patience and time she has taken over the last year plus in riding lessons for Sydney. You have helped Sydney be more confident with her love for horses. She would be on a horse everyday if she could. Thank you; looking forward to more riding lessons in the years to come. She continually asks “When do I ride again!!!”
Nicole Leroux

“Miranda, I just wanted to let you know that I rode Whiskey out by myself yesterday and he did awesome. I even felt confident enough to lope and gallop him across the field. He felt smooth and controlled, and before he would be nervous and sometimes buck. Thanks again for putting time on him and fixing his issues and working with me on my confidence.”
Jen Leibel

I can only try to put into words what a heartwarming person Miranda is and how lucky we are to have found her! We have boarded with her for a year now and the care for our horses is outstanding. MH Equine is like our second home, and we take great pride in saying that. Her facility is well maintained and there is always an improvement project on the go. She has taken the time to get to know each one of our horses, and is willing to answer question and help with decisions. Miranda’s true passion for horses shines through in all she does. This is the place to be.
Shauna Stasynec

Just wanted to say, it has been a pleasure again for you to work with another of my horses. You have done such a fantastic job with Rosie, we are so looking forward to riding her all winter and hopefully showing her in the summer now! Thank you Miranda Hassan.
Natalie Hunter

Billy is happy to be home from boarding school.. He made a ton of progress while he was there. A special thanks to Miranda Hassan of MH Equine for the wonderful job she did with my boy!! This was the 3rd time that I have sent one of my horses into training there. And have been thoroughly impressed with the results every time!
Agnes Baker

Last summer I sent my two year old filly, Willow, to Miranda to get started and I couldn’t have been happier with the results. Willow had always been untrusting and very skeptical of people since I got her as a prematurely weaned foal. Miranda helped bring her out of her shell and turn her into a much happier, more willing partner. I have since sold her, but suggested her new owners take her back to Miranda for some more finishing now that she’s 3. I’m so glad they took my advice, and now she’s back with Miranda learning even more.
This summer my 2year QH filly spent 6 weeks with Miranda learning her groundwork. I couldn’t be happier with the results as she was never rushed or forced into learning something she wasn’t ready for. I would trust Miranda with any of my horses, consider her an excellent horsewoman, and would recommend her to anyone whose horse needs starting, refreshing or even just an attitude adjustment. Thank you Miranda!
Jeanelle Steeves