At MH Equine we believe that in order to achieve success in any discipline, you have to have a great maintenance program and a team of professionals.  It takes more than great training to have a great horse.  We care for the horse at a superior level when it comes to our horses nutrition, health and well-being.

We closely monitor our feeding program.  We have pens with free choice hay.  For the easier keepers we feed 2-3 times/day.  All horses have access to fresh water, loose mineral, and salt.  In addition we endorse Coop Working Horse Ration and Purina Tri-Max to keep our horses looking and feeling their best.  If we are having specific issues, we turn to Silver Lining Herbs.

A knowledgeable farrier is essential to keep our horses sound and ready to perform.  We are blessed to have 2 great farriers that come on a 4 week rotation so that we can accommodate our training, boarding, and personal horses.

Proper dental care is of the utmost importance, and all of our horses are on a routine dental program.  For all our equine dental needs we have Deb Speer who is on a Spring and Fall rotation, and available if we need her in the meantime.

We absolutely believe in equine body work.  Depending on the horse and what they have going on, determines what to do and how often they need work.  We use Chiropractor Murray McGonigle, Melissa Marshall (Good Vibrations Wellness), and Dee Lonsberry (Hot Spot Equine Therapy).  They maintain our horses and keep them feeling their absolute best, but more importantly have fixed unsound and lame horses.

Additionally our horse are wormed/vaccinated when needed.