Fall Update!

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Hope everyone had a great summer – I know I sure did.

Its been a while since I have done updates on the website so I hope to get some more pictures and videos up soon.  Now that the colder weather is here and its is dark so early, I will have more time in the evenings.

A big thank you to my amazing clients that keep my program full.  Obviously without you what I do would be impossible.  Was able to get many great horses started under saddle, worked with a few problem horses, and put miles and some finishing on some older horses.  I had the opportunity to teach a lot of lesson this year – I love helping riders and there horses work through issues and achieve new goals.

I was able to haul my little reining horse Boomeremi a bit and show him.  Not as much as I would have liked, but with things so busy around here it is hard to get away.  Our last show will be on October 18th at the St. Paul Ag Corral, very excited for one last show of the year.

The most exciting part of my summer would have to be that we finally had the time and funds to run power to the barn and water to the back pastures.  In my barn I have just been using solar lights to see at night, but finally we will have some nice bright lights.  The last 2 winters we have hauled water a few times a day to the horses, but now with auto water in the back I am going to save myself some valuable time.

Enjoy the little bit of fall weather we have left.  This is my favourite time of year to ride – no bugs, cool temperatures, and beautiful colors.