2017 Winter Lesson Program

Dates for 2017 are now booked for lessons.  Private and group lessons available from 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM.  Please contact Miranda @ 780-614-4874 to set up your time.

  • Jan. 07
  • Jan. 22
  • Feb. 19
  • Feb. 26
  • Mar. 05

November/December Lesson Program

Want to be part of a winter riding lesson program?  This will happen at the St. Paul Ag Corral from 8-6 on November 12th, November 27th, December 3rd, December 10th, and December 17th.  The 2017 schedule will also be booked soon.  Please contact Miranda @ 780.614.4874 to book your time slot.   All the lesson horses are spoken for, but there is room to haul in your horse and continue working towards your goals!

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year everyone!  Thank you all for your business and support this past year.  Looking forward to working with old and new clients for 2016.  I have many plans and goals I would like achieve this year.  Most are geared around the lesson program and getting everyone RIDING.



There are 4 lesson days planned at the St. Paul Ag Corral.  Lessons run from 8-6, so come check it out, or book in you and your horse for lessons!

  • January 30th
  • February 20th
  • February 28th
  • March 6th

Lessons will resume back at MH Equine as soon as the weather allows.  Programs offered will be:

  • Learn To Ride Program on a Lesson Horse
  • Pattern, Gymkhana, and Flag Practice
  • Private and Group Lessons on Your Horse
  • Trail Rides at Various Locations

Contact Miranda at 780-614-4874 for more info, rates, and availability.

Winter Riding Lessons

horses-in-winter-painting-by-persis-clayton-weirs-A925069081The cold weather is on its way.  I will be offering private and group lessons at the St. Paul Ag Corral this winter to keep all my lesson students active and enjoying their horses.  Spending time with your equine partner in a beautiful heated facility is for sure going to keep the the winter blues away.  Our first lesson date is November 15th, and I will be trying to plan them every second weekend.  Please contact me for price, availably, and any more information.

Fall Update!

Hope everyone had a great summer – I know I sure did.

Its been a while since I have done updates on the website so I hope to get some more pictures and videos up soon.  Now that the colder weather is here and its is dark so early, I will have more time in the evenings.

A big thank you to my amazing clients that keep my program full.  Obviously without you what I do would be impossible.  Was able to get many great horses started under saddle, worked with a few problem horses, and put miles and some finishing on some older horses.  I had the opportunity to teach a lot of lesson this year – I love helping riders and there horses work through issues and achieve new goals.

I was able to haul my little reining horse Boomeremi a bit and show him.  Not as much as I would have liked, but with things so busy around here it is hard to get away.  Our last show will be on October 18th at the St. Paul Ag Corral, very excited for one last show of the year.

The most exciting part of my summer would have to be that we finally had the time and funds to run power to the barn and water to the back pastures.  In my barn I have just been using solar lights to see at night, but finally we will have some nice bright lights.  The last 2 winters we have hauled water a few times a day to the horses, but now with auto water in the back I am going to save myself some valuable time.

Enjoy the little bit of fall weather we have left.  This is my favourite time of year to ride – no bugs, cool temperatures, and beautiful colors.


Get Back in the Saddle! – Spring Lessons

8360972_origSpring is here!  Time to get back in the saddle!

Has your horse had the winter off and you need help getting back in the saddle?  Are you a new horse owner looking for some help with your horse?  Do you want to learn some new skills?

Each lesson will give you the some tips and training tools so you and your horse can reach full potential.  We will help you gain confidence, and be a leader for your horse through clear communication!  Miranda has ridden in several disciplines and can help benefit riders of many disciplines.

$30/lesson – runs about 1 hour long. (+ mileage if traveling)

We do not have lesson horses available for use at this time, so you will have to use your own horse.

A few important things I wanted to share…

A few important things that I have learnt so far in my career as a professional in the horse industry:

  • Be honest with your abilities and never stop learning and trying to better yourself.
  • Your way isn’t the only way, the right way, or the wrong way. You can learn something from everyone. Either good or bad. We won’t all be great horse people, but be accepting and give everyone a chance.
  • You can’t please everyone, and no matter what you do there are going to be people that don’t like you or your training program. What matters is the ones that do believe in you!
  • You weren’t born knowing and either was the horse. Always remember to be patient and take the time it takes!  Progress comes before perfection.
  • When we are in control of our responses and emotions, the horse will be free of stress and fear. The horse is our mirror.
  • Remind yourself everyday why you wanted to be a horse trainer, and work with horses for the love of it.
  • What appears to be bad behaviour in response to your expectations is merely the result of poor communication. The horse doesn’t have bad intentions. We cannot blame the horse for acting like a horse. You must begin by accepting, understanding, and respecting the horse so he will do the same for you.
  • Don’t avoid the things that are hard for you and your horse. The only way to get better is to make your hard things easy.
  • After a few productive sessions, it’s amazing what a few days off can do to your horses mind. It is just as important to let your horse body and mind rest as it is to ride it. They can refocus and start back in few days with a whole new attitude.

New Info on Our Website

We have recently updated some of the information on our website.  You can find quite a bit of information about training and the requirements for your horse to be accepted, as well as more detailed information about riding lessons and our facility & boarding options.  A new feature is a page on Equine Wellness.  We felt it was important to add more details about all the people and products that we love to keep our horses and business running smoothly!  I tried to keep the descriptions short and simple, and if you have any further questions about the product and people we use, please contact me with any questions.  We hope this information makes your decisions a little bit easier, as there are so many endorsements out there it is hard to decide!  Check out the new Equine Wellness page: http://albertahorsetraining.com/equine-wellness

Wait, and find the right horse…

Never pair a green rider with a green horse. Green riders need seasoned horses and green horses need seasoned riders.  Green horses have a more appealing price range, but they can also be unpredictable and are more work/time/money in the end.  Spend a little more money, and get what you need instead of getting hurt on a green horse.  You get what you pay for.

Know when to stop…

Just like an artist knows when to stop painting you should know when to stop pushing your horse. Not all horses can handle constant pressure. Knowing when to back off a horse is just as important as knowing when to push. Take the time it takes, and it will take less time.

I see too many people wanting to get the job done too fast.  That is why I take my time with each and every colt that comes in for training.  Too many trainers are pushing a colt through a 30 day program and these horses can do some pretty amazing things physically, but mentally they don’t understand.  It takes consistence, repetition, and patience to train a horse, not constant pressure and a set in stone schedule.

The colts that come out of training leave with a foundation to continue building onto.