It often looks ugly, before maneouvers look pretty!

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Don’t always judge a horse trainer by the horses they are riding. A lot of great horse trainers have untalented horses and a lot of terrible horse trainers have great horses!  It takes time and patience to make everything look great.  It has to get ugly before it turns pretty!

Bringing out green horses into a  busy setting with a lot of people doesn’t always go as smooth as you want it too.  Most of the inexperienced horses will drop shoulders while loping circles, trickle forward in a stop, and not be as soft and relaxed as they would in your everyday training routine.  The key is to stay with the horse and just keep correcting them and make it a learning experience.  They are lots of horses that don’t bat an eye and go in there confidently without any issues, but for the ones that look a little more messy the first time out, don’t be so quick to judge the trainer.  This is why we are ‘trainers’, we don’t get to sit on top of the broke horses all day.